SQM Maps etc


Mark Williams is working on the SQM maps and the latest one is available here. Hovering over a square, the number of readings made, average and best SQM readings for that area are displayed. There is also a key to the colours used below the map (Bortle Scale)

Full SQM Readings Table

The complete set of SQM readings from the observatory to date is available here.

Please note: This file is quite large and is converted to a table format “on the fly”, so it may take some time to load

The first 4 columns are probably the most important, Date, Time, SQM Reading, and Naked-Eye Limiting Magnitude.

Latest Reading

The latest SQM reading from the observatory in Watery Lane is shown below.

Please Note: You may need to refresh this page manually (Press Function key F5) to see the reading if you have visited this page previously.

VAS Observatory SQM Reading