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Island Lighting Code

I am really pleased to announce that, this evening, our Council have a voted to approve a Lighting Code on the Island.

This will help ensure that future planning applications must comply with lighting levels approved by the planning department.

As this site has stated many times; nobody involved with our Dark Skies Initiative is interested in turning off the lights; what we are after is appropriate light levels, in the right place, at the right time.

Nobody has anything to fear from this, in fact we all have a stack to gain – dark skies, good sleep, vibrant wildlife, a tranquil Island, additional tourism opportunities etc, etc.

There’s still work to do but, this is a turning point. We now have Council support, and this sets us on course for full IDA Dark Sky recognition.

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CPRE Report: Shedding Light

A survey of local authority approaches in England

In early 2014 CPRE carried out a survey of English local authorities to find out how they approach lighting in their areas. The results presented in this report create a detailed picture of lighting issues in England, with the aid of a number of local case studies.

The report also makes nine recommendations to help local authorities reduce light pollution and protect existing dark areas while saving energy.


The Island and this site are mentioned on page 5 of the report.

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Dark Skies Project Funding

The Observatory SQM

Following successful trials at the Observatory, I am very pleased to announce that the IW Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and their Sustainable Development Fund, have agreed to fund our plans to develop and install a fixed network of Sky Quality Meters (SQM) across the Island.

We will be starting the work very soon and hope to have at least 10 fixed monitoring sites and 4 or 5 mobile stations.

The data collected will add to our map and be available to other interested parties

Particular thanks to Fiona Hannah and Joel Bateman (AONB) for their help and ongoing support in our quest for International Dark-Sky (IDA) recognition.

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The future of “The Sky at Night”?

The BBC is thinking about the future of this long running and much loved program. Reports in some of the media suggest they may even drop it completely!

There is a petition to keep it at

Over 38,000 have signed it so far, perhaps you’d like to do the same?

Update 19/11/13: It seems the Beeb have relented. The Sky at Night has been saved and will appear on BBC4 in future.

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Meeting with Andrew Turner MP

Chris and Brian had a useful meeting with Island MP Mr Andrew Turner this morning.

We explained the “Dark Skies Initiative” and outlined our progress so far along with a general chat regarding the benefits of engaging the Island community in the project.

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Press Coverage

The Isle of Wight County Press had an article on our launch event – See here

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Seems like help is on the way?


It seems we may have a supporter willing to help us with additional Sky Quality Meters. This is really great news as it will push the dark sky mapping of the Island along much faster.

Details will follow as I get them….

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