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Island Lighting Code

I am really pleased to announce that, this evening, our Council have a voted to approve a Lighting Code on the Island.

This will help ensure that future planning applications must comply with lighting levels approved by the planning department.

As this site has stated many times; nobody involved with our Dark Skies Initiative is interested in turning off the lights; what we are after is appropriate light levels, in the right place, at the right time.

Nobody has anything to fear from this, in fact we all have a stack to gain – dark skies, good sleep, vibrant wildlife, a tranquil Island, additional tourism opportunities etc, etc.

There’s still work to do but, this is a turning point. We now have Council support, and this sets us on course for full IDA Dark Sky recognition.

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Great Lighting?

We are always on the lookout for Island locations that have great astronomy/dark skies friendly/ lighting.

If you can recommend a location with great lighting, we’d be pleased to hear from you. After we’ve checked the site is suitable we’d be pleased to add it to our list on our Good Lighting page.

It would be easy for us to produce a list of bad lighting sites but that’s not why we are here. We want appropriate lighting, when it is needed and at the right intensity. That is great lighting!

Please use our contact page to make your recommendations.

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