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Weather etc…


The recent bad weather has delayed our plans to install more fixed sky monitoring stations. Things seem to be improving, so we hope to be back on track soon.


We were recently asked to speak at this week’s IW Council Planning Committee meeting regarding the proposed development at Atherfield. After the various presentations, Committee Members chose to unanimously reject the plan – there are more details at ON THE WIGHT.

We’d like to particularly thank Councillor┬áBob Seely for his presentation and also to highlight the understanding shown by the meeting regarding Dark Skies in general.


We are planning to meet with local Councillors across the Island with a view to ensuring everyone understands our aims. This will be followed (throughout 2014) by visits to local schools to provide our normal astronomical outreach and also to emphasise the importance of reducing light pollution.

Please remember: Astronomers are not against light – just that in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and at inappropriate intensity.

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Dark Skies Project Funding

The Observatory SQM

Following successful trials at the Observatory, I am very pleased to announce that the IW Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and their Sustainable Development Fund, have agreed to fund our plans to develop and install a fixed network of Sky Quality Meters (SQM) across the Island.

We will be starting the work very soon and hope to have at least 10 fixed monitoring sites and 4 or 5 mobile stations.

The data collected will add to our map and be available to other interested parties

Particular thanks to Fiona Hannah and Joel Bateman (AONB) for their help and ongoing support in our quest for International Dark-Sky (IDA) recognition.

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Seems like help is on the way?


It seems we may have a supporter willing to help us with additional Sky Quality Meters. This is really great news as it will push the dark sky mapping of the Island along much faster.

Details will follow as I get them….

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