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The Milky Way On My Doorstep – Copyright Chad Powell

The Milky Way On My Doorstep – Copyright Chad Powell

I stepped out of my house late last night to see if the sky was clear and I was greeted by the brightest Milky Way I have ever seen, it was incredible!! It’s very rare to capture the Milky Way from your doorstep, but luckily for me, I live in a very dark area of the Isle of Wight .
Chad Powell

Before we start: lets just explain, we are not against light! we are though “Against light in the wrong place, at the wrong time and at the wrong intensity“.

Dark Wight Skies is the home of an initiative to gain “Dark Skies Status” for the Isle of Wight.

The project was started in the Summer of 2012 by a group of members from the Vectis Astronomical Society and, since then, has gathered support from the community, local business and interested environmental groups.

Application for IDSA recognition of the Island

We have started our application and work is ongoing to:

  • Gain support from the Island’s Community groups, businesses, individuals and other interested parties
  • Map the whole of the Island with SQM readings for each km square
  • Collect and collate details of the street lighting for each of the Island’s roads